Vision, Mission, and Core Beliefs

Bridges Academy Austin is an accredited private K-12 school specializing in  dyslexia, dysgraphia, dual exceptionalities (gifted/2e), and other learning differences. dyslexia and other learning differences. Bridges Academy Austin was founded to help students achieve more than they have in other school settings.  Our team of experienced teachers and specialists provides high-quality education and intervention. 

VISION: To unlock the doors of learning for all students.

MISSION: Bridges Academy Austin is an exceptional school for exceptional learners. Our mission is to help students maximize their potential through evidence-based instruction and interventions.


● Through evidence-based, individualized education, students maximize their potential.

● Students are encouraged to excel in their areas of strength while working on their areas of need.

● We remediate the student’s areas of need while also providing access to the core curriculum.

● We can accomplish more through our model of small classes with a low teacher-student ratio.

● Data informs instruction, which means we assess our students to pinpoint their instructional needs and plan instruction. We track progress throughout the year.

● Students with dyslexia require structured, multisensory instruction in phonics and phonemic awareness.

● Gifted learners require instruction that offers advanced breadth and depth at their learning pace.

● Teachers are experienced and trained in advanced techniques to deliver the highest quality of instruction.